John S. Meyer
Director of Photography
John CameraJohn S. Meyer, Director of Photography, has been actively shooting in New York and across the country for over 20 years. With extensive experience in shooting TV pilots, John Meyer is adept at handheld shooting, lighting and camera blocking. He is expert at taking the lead with a number of Camera Operators and working out proper coverage and establishing a clear “line” for the angles.
  • Director of Photography, ABC’s  “The Chew” Food segments.
  • Director of Photography, “Tiny House Hunters” for FYI through Leftfield Pictures. 
  • Director of Photography, Tiny House Nation, FYI Network, through Leftfield Pictures.
  • Director of Photography, “Swab Stories” for VH-1 through Powderhouse Productions.
  • Director of Photography,  CBS’s “Undercover Boss” for the pilot and entire first season.  Helped create the shooting style and look.
  • Director of Photography,  “Flea Market Flip” and “I Brake for Yardsales” with host, Lara Spencer from Good Morning America.
  • Director of Photography, “Four Houses” Pilot and every episode of Both seasons.  VERY demanding show with a new location each day requiring travel, load-in, scout, light, shoot main content and interviews, and green-screen interviews, load out, sleep and do it all again the next morning, five days in a row per episode.
  • Director of Photography,  “Dirty Money” for Discovery.  I did not shoot the pilot episode of Dirty Money, but I was called in (by a Senior Producer in a panic) to replace the DP who they were having major trouble with – no names, of course!)
  • Director of Photography, ABC’s “Wifeswap” I have shot tons of reality, including the very demanding, single camera coverage for this show. (I was a preferred, very sought after DP for this show)
  • Director of Photography, A&E’s “Mindfreak” with Illusionist Criss Angel for many years.

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