CBS “Undercover Boss” Pilot

John Meyer, Director of Photography.

I shot both the pilot and the entire first season of CBS’s Undercover Boss. The pilot was very intense, a heck of a lot of shooting. As with most pilots, you definitely tend to overshoot. It’s just the nature of the beast. The network wants you to have amazing content. So you basically overshoot, knowing that in the end, there will be an attrition rate, whereby you’ll pick only the best segments to actually include in the pilot.

Shooting at Waste Management was amazing. One of the primary locations we shot at was a huge facility called a co-generation plant. Basically it’s a modern day incinerator that burns garbage and converts the energy into electricity. The inside of that place was like being on another planet! The facility is absolutely massive. There is space for probably 20 or more garbage trucks to pull inside and dump their loads off the edge of a huge pit. Next, the garbage is picked up by one of several huge cranes and dropped into a hopper that feeds directly into the intensely hot incinerator. The heat, dust and smell of the garbage in this place is something totally unique.


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